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Bonafide Fiber Pomade is a water based pomade with a meduim hold, meduim shine, grapefruit scent and..
€15.95 €10.00
Bonecrusher Hair Pomade is an oil based pomade from Germany. They spent a lot of time developin..
€12.95 €10.00
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Great value shaving brush with a nice plastic handle this is ideal for anyone looking to get in to t..
€7.95 €5.00
The rounded teeth and absence of sharp edges safeguard the hair from being broken and pulled when co..
€7.95 €5.00
Pomp & Co's Beard & Stubble Balm has been formulated to soften, control and condition hearty..
€17.50 €13.00
This shaving cream comes conveniently in a bowl. It is somewhat a cross between a shaving cream and ..
€6.95 €5.00
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Proraso Shaving cream is great for a close and comfortable shaving experience. Effortlessly work up ..
€7.95 €5.00
 New and Improved Shiner Gold Maximum Matte Clay. Maximum Matte Clay is for a dry finish. T..
€13.95 €10.00
Shiner Gold is a heavy holding pomade that goes in thick but is combed easily. It works for all type..
€13.95 €10.00
The Tenax Pomade is a water- based pomade which guarantees a firm hold. Its formulation provides shi..
€14.95 €10.00