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This soap lathers easily and quickly. It builds a very thick and lubricating latherFantastic pot..
Great value shaving brush with a nice plastic handle this is ideal for anyone looking to get in to t..
€7.95 €5.00
Real man soap has a unique scent. This is the perfect item for the gym bag. With all natural ingredi..
Particularly suited for sensitive skin, this Shaving soap has a "secret" blend of Beef Tallow,Castor..
Proraso Italian Pre Shaving Cream opens the pores and softens the beard bristles before shaving. You..
This shaving cream comes conveniently in a bowl. It is somewhat a cross between a shaving cream and ..
€6.95 €5.00
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Proraso Refreshing Shave Foam is ultra-creamy, enriched with natural ingredients. Eucalyptus oil pur..
Stainless steel shaving bowl. Perfect for mixing soap with a shaving brush to create that perfect la..