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This soap lathers easily and quickly. It builds a very thick and lubricating latherFantastic pot..
Astra Superior Platinum razor blades provide the right combination of smoothness and sharpness. The ..
Great value shaving brush with a nice plastic handle this is ideal for anyone looking to get in to t..
Derby Double Edge DE Blades are an excellent all round razor blade. These fit all double edge razors..
This Double Edge safety razor features a matt black finish. This is an outstanding razor which empha..
Real man soap has a unique scent. This is the perfect item for the gym bag. With all natural ingredi..
Particularly suited for sensitive skin, this Shaving soap has a "secret" blend of Beef Tallow,Castor..
Lavish Peel/Off Black Mask is a new formula created to eliminate all blackheads, fine lines and dead..
Proraso Italian Pre Shaving Cream opens the pores and softens the beard bristles before shaving. You..
This shaving cream comes conveniently in a bowl. It is somewhat a cross between a shaving cream and ..
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Proraso Shaving cream is great for a close and comfortable shaving experience. Effortlessly work up ..
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Proraso Refreshing Shave Foam is ultra-creamy, enriched with natural ingredients. Eucalyptus oil pur..
Black handle chrome head double edge safety razor. This 3 piece razor will provide the perfect shave..
All Black, Matt, Metal shavette. This shavette takes single edged blades or split double edge blades..
Stainless steel shaving bowl. Perfect for mixing soap with a shaving brush to create that perfect la..